My first try on a dungeon crawler was when a friend of mine set up a group (around 6 peoples) with his coworkers to create one, about goblins in a dungeon. They all works on French conversion of php games and want to try to create one from scratch. I join them as a developer in April 2010 but the project crashed a few months later as the project was too big for people involved in.

About one year later I try to resurrect the code with a friend on game design, on a space rogue like with exploration of both abandoned ships and planets. Depending on the level, Oxygen, Energy or Food can be either abundant or scarce. My friend promises me to update the wiki soon with the sum up of our last meeting. It will be two years ago next month ...

Those project were not lost of time, even if they failed. First the code never die, it evolves. I separate the code from gameplay, so switching from a project to another project is less works. Second, it was enlightening, how to handle a team, a game project, and keep people motivated. Even if there is little you can do when people have no time for the project (and don't get paid!)

I then start a new project, in September 2011. I wasn't yet called 1Quest, but it was the beginning. I spend a few month on the game engine, so I can show something to later recruit more people (I can do most of the game except graphics, and I’m not a fan of ascii games ). 6 months later, I ask Jul, from Storybird games, if he wanted to come on it. We have been in contact for another game project that survives only a few days (a shooter game), but keep in touch. He was really enthusiast and offers to make both graphics and sounds.

I won't say the project was easy. It becomes far bigger than I originally planned, and takes much more time too. But it is really great to see the project looking more and more like a real game!