From the beginning of 1Quest to the end, the project have becomes more and more ambitious, but we tried to keep the focus on the main philosophy in order to maintain the consistency of the project. It can be sum up as "Casual Roguelike".

To understand what it means, we should first define what is a roguelike. The best place I know for that is RogueBasin. Let's try to compare what we want for 1Quest with the Berlin Interpretation. Even if I know some people disagree with it, it is a good start:

  • Random environment generation: mostly (items appearance is fixed)
  • Permadeath: not really (you can continue playing after death, but the final levels access is only for perfect wins)
  • Turn-based: 100%
  • Grid-based: 100%
  • Non-modal: mostly (there is external map but that's all)
  • Complexity: I hope so
  • Resource management: I hope so too
  • Hack'n'slash: definitely
  • Exploration and discovery: no unidentified items, but exploration is still there

So 1Quest is a roguelike, or at least not far from the core features of the genre. If you're looking at other definitions, it is still partially true. But what is the "Casual" part of 1Quest? We want to address people who may like dungeon crawling but don't play a lot, or may give up quickly if the game is too unforgiving.

We want to avoid that people test a little, get punished by their lack of knowledge and skip to the next game. Yes, that's partially because we want to make money with the game! But also because there is a lot of really good roguelike around, and we need something different. And if only one person stick to our game a few and then go for a real hardcore one, that's perfect! On the other hand, we still want to make a enjoyable roguelike, even for those used to the classical ones...

The first things we agree on was the removal of permadeath, even if we plan a scoring system based on the last optional level only available for those who didn't die and didn't grind additional dungeons. Permadeath is maybe the most important feature that makes roguelike so thrilling. But it is also the first reason why some friends doesn't stick ot those games ... we hope to keep the thrill with the abysses feature !

We added some features that doesn't change the overall game balance but help new players : auto experience and auto equip items (for empty slot). Added with the removal of item identification (and also cursed items), the new player should be far less lost than in a classic roguelike. The goal is that the first level can be win without modifications and the perfect win requires a lot of adjustments.