Using a World Map in a Roguelike is pretty unusual. But fear not, It is mainly to add some macro choice for your character development. If you want a perfect victory (who doesn't ?), you have only 7 days to reach the final dungeon and kill the boss there. So each day, you have to make a new dungeon, deeper in enemy territory.

Du to the map layout, it means that each day, you have 2 dungeons to choose from. Each one features a specific rewards. That can be specific loot (weapons, armor parts, magic books & staffs ...), magic altar (which raise your magic affinities ... more on that in a later article) or some special reward (attribute boost, extra experience ...)

So, if you start the game with a warrior, you will certainly look for a good weapon, trying to find a lost merchant that will gift you one if you escort him to the exit of the forest. But what if you already have a good axe?

You may want to choose to explore the Fire Mountain instead, in search of the Earth altar. After all, the Stone Skin spell looks great for you ! As the map is randomly generated, each time you play you will have those additional choices to make. Some times it will make you switch to a different template for you character to benefit the most from your specific rewards !