You may know it will be hard, time consuming and most certainly a failure (as a lot of other indie game), it is a real pleasure to see your game released. But after the release, you usually have less time to code as their is a lot of works to do promotion, get your game on a lot of store and get into bundle if you need it. And you may have a drop in motivation, a release in pressure.

Until you read a review by CueZero !

I guess it is hard to imagine how I feel now, If you do not have done some public work and get reviewed. OK the sales aren't that good, I would have hoped to do better. Maybe I deserve it, I have, like too many other indie dev, neglect promotion. Or more accurately say myself I'll do it later.

But knowing that someone gets your game, spends time playing it, and then takes time to tell how much he loves it. This is priceless!

And it is not over. Android version is almost ready, including a free version. And with the android release it will be time for more efficient promotion.