Back in late august, I had released the 1.02.008 version, and finished the most important point of my TODO list. It was the time to work on the iPhone version. It tooks me a few days to generate properly an iPhone version, getting all certificates from Apple, correcting the generation and all. The first return about this version was performance was really poor. I do not have any iDevice, so I was stuck to trying to figure out what's going on.

2 weeks later I was still stuck but hopefully I can borrow an iPad2 to make direct test. I run Scout (Scout is a very good profiler) only to find that a still image with about 30 sprites takes 60% of the time I got to compute a frame. Doing nothing at all ! It takes about 0% of the frame on PC ! and about 5% on Nexus 7 (first generation) ...

I don't really know where it comes from, probably a crappy Air/iOS integration, but I quickly figure that I cannot do much about that.

At the same time, android sales dropped a lot as we were on the store for more than one month and therefore now longer in the "new applications" section. Flash version wasn't performing great, the game is not aim to general public, so rating was pretty low. On most other stores, I no longer made any sales at all.

Moral was pretty low, and Jul, the graphic designer, propose me to works on a prototype for a new game. This was the opportunity to test Unity and see how it works.

And that's why you have no update on 1Quest since almost 3 months.

Until Steam sends me a mail to tell me 1Quest has been greenlit! That was high unexpected at this moment, and a pretty damn good surprise to me!

From the start of the project, I wanted to make the game moddable, but I don't really know where to gather the community (if any). Steam seems the perfect place for this, with a lot of community tools, so I worked on the modding possibilities of the game since the e-mail. I hope you’ll like them