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  • The SDK is in an Alpha Stage. 1Quest have been made with it, but no other game or project yet.
  • English is not my native language, please report any mistake on the Steam Forum
  • Quick references: Main XML File, XML Tree, Formula

Introduction to Modding

1Quest has always been planned to be moddable, this wiki aims to provide documentation for all the modders out there. A game with the RNG SDK (Ratz 'N' Godz SDK) have all the gameplay described in a XML Tree. This includes (and is not limited to):

Additional elements can be added without the SDK support. For example, 1Quest use characters skills, experience points, hits points etc ... and none of them is in the SDK itself. Combat rules are included in items and powers. The SDK try to stay as generic as possible. The hero can be a tank or a spacecraft, with items & equipment being engine or force shield, it does not matter.

A mod consist of the xml configuration files and the resources (sprites and musics). The code itself is not available.

Discussion and support about modding will be centralized in Steam Workshop.

Every mod you make can be freely distributed to any 1Quest legitimate owner.

If your mod is becoming a full game and you want to distribute it on its own, please contact me via Steam (or use the ingame send mail function)

What can the SDK do ?

The SDK is limited to games which are:

  • Turn based
  • Grid Based
  • Single tile element (no big boss using 4 tiles, at least if it is moving).
  • (to be completed)

Beyond those hard limitations, you may find some missing options. For example, the sdk provides several way to compute line of sight, but you cannot expand the list on your own. In those case, you can make a feature request in Steam Workshop. The most requested features, or the request for the most promising projects may be added. Or not :)

Getting Started

Complete list of concepts

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